Montana Bow Sling Riser Hooks

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Montana Bow Sling Riser Hooks
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The Montana Bow Sling can be directly attached to the existing 1 inch webbing buckles that are already on your pack, to the molle webbing, the webbing handle on top of your pack or around existing webbing and buckles. This allows the weight of the bow to be carried entirely by the pack, making it a more efficient, practical way to carry your bow. I have always been dissatisfied with the current bow slings on the market, they always seem to get in the way, hard to situate over my pack and seem to get tangled up in the rest of my gear. I knew there had to be a better more efficient way to carry my bow and I feel that this is it. For the last few seasons I have been testing this sling, adjusting the design to my expectations and I feel that it works fairly well. The pictures shown have the Montana Bow Sling attached to a Stone Glacier Solo and a Mystery Ranch Dragon Slayer, most pack designs will allow for multiple places to attach, use your creativity. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
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