Obsession M7z 70lb Limbs Kryptek Highlander

Rise Above and Conquer 346FPS. Free shipping & Free Setup. The M7Z is a more forgiving bow and just a little bit slower than the M6Z.

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Obsession DefCon M7

FREE Shipping, FREE Super Tune and Discount on all accessories!

The DEF-CON M7, featuring our patented two track cam, the Evolution Z Cam (U.S. Patent # 7997259), is also equipped with the PerFX System and the Anti Torque Roller Guard to reduce cam lean during the bow’s draw cycle and to increase speed. Our DEF-CON M7 will be turning heads in the field as well as the 3D Range with an amazing draw cycle.  Without a doubt, the DEF-CON M7 is a killing machine.  With the effortless draw cycle and easy let down, the DEF-CON M7 makes an incredible hunting and 3D bow. Deadly accurate and vibration free, the DEF-CON M7 comes with the Anti Torque Roller Guard and the PerFX System to help eliminate cam lean.  Like all of our other bows, the DEF-CON M7 has a gracious valley and a rock-solid back wall. The Evolution Z cam with the PerFX system is equipped with interchangeable draw length mods in ½ inch increments. All screws and hardware have anti-rust coating.

We have Trophy Taker or Hamskea Rests along with other add on's at discounted prices with complete bow setup so it's Ready to Shoot when you receive your bow.  Call for best pricing!

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