Leica CRF Rangemaster 1600-B Closeout

Rangefinder with Ballistics - High-performancep perfect for Long Range Rifle Shooting

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Rangefinder with Ballistics - Perfect for Long Range Rifle Shooting - CLEARANCE 1 LEFT - Save $160 & NO Sales Tax when shipped out of Utah.

Every successful hunt or precise shot relies on knowing the precise distance!  A rangefinder is an invaluable piece of equipment for safe and ethical shooting.  The Rangemaster CRF 1600-B also features high-performance optics that allow clear and unambiguous sighting of game, even at longer distances. The wide field of view makes target identification fast and easy. Its lenses are protected by AquaDuraTM hydrophobic coating.  You can now calculate and apply the important ballistic data very easily and quickly.  In the calculation of the ballistic curve, the newly developed ABCTM ballistic program integrates data for the angle of declination, temperature and barometric pressure. A particularly useful benefit on mountainous terrain. It’s astonishing to see how much the sighting point correction changes when shooting up- or downhill. Another special feature of the intelligent ballistics program is its precise integration of ammunition parameters. In this way - and only in this way - is it possible to deliver truly precise details for sighting point corrections.  Fluoride glass and aspheric state-of-the-art lenses deliver remarkably detailed images. The bright optics guarantee absolute clarity and superb contrast - even at long distances.  All Leica Rangemasters use only the finest in optoelectronics. Precise determination of distance and other essential parameters is only a touch of a button away.  Leica rangefinders are an essential aide for field sportsmen. With their fusion of high-quality optics, rugged engineering and advanced electronics, they offer best results in distance measurement. Their determination of parameters with maximum precision allow for expert shooting. Thanks to their compact size, Leica Rangefinders slip easily into any pocket.

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