Performance Clothing for Hunters

High performance hunting apparel is essential to meet the most extreme demands of the outdoors. We offer a wide selection of lightweight camo as well as a variety of cold weather clothing for your late season hunts in the most popular camo patterns. We sell layering systems to maintain comfort for all weather conditions that will absorb odor, move moisture, and provide thermal regulation to sustain a successful hunting experience. When your body is not burning calories and working hard to cool or warm your core you will have more stamina which will enable you to make a more accurate shot. Take advantage of the fabric technology offered in merino wool and Aerowool to increase your chances of a successful hunt. We sell performance brands such as First Lite, Badlands, Rivers West, Prois, Stormkloth, Core4, and more! Here at Bad Ass Outdoor Gear we personally test and believe in all the brands we sell.

merino wool layers tops


merino wool layers bottoms


first lite merino wool accessories


shirts for hunters

Shirts Variety of Camo Patterns

Short to Long Sleeves for Warm or cold weather for all hunting seasons

jackets for hunters

Jackets for hunting

Wide selection of lightweight to heavyweight jackets in several camo patterns

vests for hunters

Vests Midweight Layers

Add a layering piece for the cold morning hunts or chilly days

lightweight hunting pants

Lightweight Pants Early Season Hunting

Breathable, Top Rated brands perfect for warmer weather hunts

cold weather hunting gear

Cold Weather Late Season Hunting

High quality cold weather gear for the extreme weather hunters

waterproof hunting gear

Waterproof Hunting Apparel

Weatherproof packable clothing for those stormy hunting days

casual apparel for hunters

Casual Apparel Wear the Hunting Lifestyle

Bad Ass logo shirts and hoodies to show your passion for hunting

youth hunting apparel

Youth Clothing for Kids

Camo for the next generation of hunters and Bad Ass shirts and hoodies


Footwear Designed for Hunters

With aggressive tread and excessive cushioning for comfort, these shoes and boots are a must have for your outdoor adventures

clothing accessories for hunters

Clothing Accessories For All Hunting Seasons

Beanies, Gloves, Balaclavas, Ball Caps, Neck Gaiters, Boot Gaiters, Belts

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  1. Rivers West Pioneer Jacket
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  2. Rivers West Pioneer Junior Jacket
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