Rambo 750 Watt Black Power Bike 3 Speed

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750 Watt Electric 3 Speed Bike with FREE Accessory Package ($300 Value)

This is for the hard core hunter wanting to get to that hunting spot faster or just for camping or cruising around with extra power to assist your pedaling.

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Rambo R750 Fat Tire Black 3 Speed Electric Power Bike & FREE Accessory Package ($300 Value)

This is a Bad Ass fast, silent electric 3 Speed pedal assist bike . Whether your the hard core hunter or just want to use it for camping or cruising around the neighborhood, you still have the throttle to assist you pedaling as you want to power up!  Get around quieter and smarter than ever before.  Great for getting deeper into the woods quickly and quietly without using a loud 4 wheeler or side by side.  Wide tires work great in the dirt and climb the hills and small mountain sides.  Will go 20 miles on 1 battery if you don't pedal on flat ground.  Will go farther if you pedal along with the power assist.  These bikes are fun and make riding uphill much easier, faster and enjoyable!

There are several accessories to add to this bike to carry your gear.  We include the XL Luggage Rack that attaches to the rear to haul your gear.

We suggest the XP version to use in rough or steep terrain like found in the Utah mountains. However for flat ground or less steep terrain, they 3 Speed will be enough.  These bikes are surprisingly fast and powerful.  Give us a call with any questions.  We would love to tell you about our experience riding these bikes.   

Shipping will cost $100  or you can pickup in Draper, UT.

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