Optics Products For Hunters

Reliable and accurate optics are an essential tool to the avid hunter. The clarity and precision focus of your spotting scope, binoculars, and rangefinder cannot be sacrificed if you expect to be a successful hunter. As hunters ourselves, Bad Ass Outdoor Gear can provide advice to ensure you select the right quality optics for your specific needs.

Having the best optics will increase your confidence and help you make the best shots to ensure a successful and memorable hunting experience. The spotting scopes we sell offer long range vision with razor sharp images that dramatically increase clarity during low light situations. The binoculars we choose to sell have tough, durable external protection to sustain all the elements of the outdoors and include brands from: Leica, Styrka, Zeiss, and more. Quality optics provide a crystal clear view and work well in low light conditions extending your premium hunting time at dusk and dawn. Remember, you cannot hunt what you cannot see!

Don’t forget the optics cases to protect your investment from brands like FHF Gear, Badlands, Eberlestock and others. We also have accessories for your optics such as Phone Skope and iSkope so you can attach your phone or camera to your spotting scope, binoculars or riflescope. These products reduce eye strain while your glassing and they add the ability to capture wildlife though photos or video.

binoculars for hunters

Binoculars For Hunters

Tested and recommended hunting binoculars for the deadliest image you can ever get in the field

spotting scopes for hunting

Spotting Scopes For Hunting

Top rated brands with superior long range vision and clarity to find wildlife quickly

hunting rifle scopes

Rifle Scopes For Hunting

Quality riflescopes with magnification and clarity aiding in more precise shot placement

hunting rangefinders

Rangefinders With Angle Compensation

Get exact precision in the field with impressive high tech ranging ability


Tripods Steady Your Shot

Our compact tripods and bipods will provide you with the stability, portability and adjustability you are looking for for the upcoming hunting season.

Binoculars and Optics Cases for hunters

Bino & Optics Cases Protective Cases

Carry & protect your binoculars, rangefinders and GPS comfortably and be easily accessible while in the field.

Optics Adapters and Accessories for Hunting

Optics Adapters & Accessories for Hunting

Digitalize your hunting experience with amazing top of the line gadgets for doing wonders with your optics

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